List of Market Samurai Videos

This list supplements the list at

1. Market Samurai Dojo tutorial videos at

How do I download and install a free trial of Market Samurai:

How do I upgrade my free trial to the full version of Market Samurai:

Introduction to Keyword Research:

Golden Rule #1: How to Find Relevant Keywords:

Golden Rule #2: How to Find High Traffic Keywords:

Golden Rule #3: How to Assess Market Competition:

Golden Rule #4: How to Assess Commerciality:

Golden Rules Case Study:

Finding Long Tail Keywords:

Understanding Match Type Data:

How to Avoid Targeting the Wrong Keywords:

Introduction To SEO Competition:

How to Assess the Strength of Competition:

How To Gain a Competitive Advantage:

How To Unmask Your Google Competition:

Introduction to Monetization:

How To Register With Affiliate Directories:

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